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You just turned nineteen. Do you feel... different? Is strange magic happening all around you? Are you suddenly mindspeaking with a sentient animal? In The Awakened, this could be you. Sixteen exciting stories pull you into the diverse and unusual world of Grimaton, where the twin moons above might mean a lifetime of change. Join our celebrated authors as they explore the world of The Awakened and spotlight the heroes, the villains, and the magic; where a random few may find themselves bonded to an animal companion for life, or might find they are the possessor of weird and powerful magic they could never have imagined. How these exceptional few are treated and how they learn to use those unasked-for powers... Well, that is the adventure we have started here.Experience the highs and lows of becoming an Awakened, decide if you would use your power for good or for evil, and grow with characters who will make you proud... or make you angry.

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The End is Now

Welcome to the End of the World! Or maybe it's the beginning? We're still fighting over that point. In fact, there's a lot of fighting now that two worlds have collided. It can be a bit confusing. Luckily I am here to help you out, with notes on everything you need to know about the Fall of Man.

Learn about the powers of Arcane Focus, Faith Focus, Mutation Focus, and Technology Focus, and how well they don't play together.
Gain insights into the canites, energivores, hanites, and reborn, new races all fighting for their places in what's left of the worlds.
Plus gear, monsters, npcs, new skills, and all the details you need to run a Pathfinder-compatible post-apocalypse campaign with a twist.

It’s not just adventure, it’s survival


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